Can Candy Hurt Your Braces?

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Dental Care

There’s a lot to learn about how to keep your braces in top shape! Can candy hurt your braces? Here are the facts about how Halloween candy affects your braces and some tips so you can enjoy the holiday worry-free!

How Candy Affects your Braces

Have you heard the rumor that candy can hurt your braces? Unfortunately, it’s not just a rumor — it’s true. Some types of candy can hurt your braces by pulling wires or brackets loose, which could delay your orthodontic treatment plan and cause you to have to schedule an extra visit to the orthodontist to get them fixed.

There is good news, though! Not all candy is bad for braces. Let’s talk about how to find braces-safe candy options.

Selecting Braces-Safe Candy

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Can candy hurt your braces?” let’s talk about which types of candy could be dangerous and which types are safe to eat!

Orthodontists typically recommend avoiding any type of candy that is hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky. Candies that contain whole nuts or require biting into can be especially tough on your braces, as well.

Braces-safe types of candy can include those that are soft or melt in your mouth. Chocolate is often a great choice because it melts easily. Just be careful to break pieces off instead of biting directly into a chocolate bar.

Hard candies can also be safe if you are careful to suck on them and not chew them, even when you get close to the end! If you’re unsure about a certain type of candy, always check with your orthodontist first.

More Spooky Fun!

If you’re wanting to make trick-or-treating fun for everyone, but feeling unsure about which candies might be braces-safe, you can always opt for candy alternatives like spooky stickers, games, or toys that are sure to be braces-safe — and a big hit!

If you have more questions like, “Can candy hurt your braces?” don’t hesitate to call your orthodontist and ask! They will be happy to offer tips to help you protect your smile without missing out on your favorite activities!

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